Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of Day Tuesday

I HEART my new Magic Bullet Blender that my mom got me for Christmas. I use it to make one of my favorite drinks Peach Jet Tea . I used to buy these at the coffee place for almost $6 each. Now, I pick up the mix at Cash and Carry for $9.85 and make 10 of them at home YUM!

I am sitting here drinking a peach tea watching Jeff Dunham on tv he cracks me up! Thinking about everything we have going on the rest of this week. Tomorrow I am going on my youngest sons field trip to the Library. My oldest son is going show shoeing and then the 2 oldest kids have Youth Group tomorrow night. Thursday my youngest daughter has ballet and Friday I am volunteering for the read a thon at the school. I also need to get fliers done for the Box Tops for Education for the PTA. Oh this ontop of working 8 hours every day this week. One of these days I will learn to say NO my plate is full.

Tonight I did commercial challenges with my best friend while we watched Biggest Loser. We live 2hours away from each other so we "visit" on Yahoo Messenger and watch BL (our fav show) together. We challenge each other to see how much we can get done during the commercials. During that 2 hours I got the following done:
Emptied the dishwasher, folded/put away 5 loads laundry, took a shower, did pick up of things left laying around the house, hung up the coats in the coat closet, answered some emails, sorted coupons and got a big envelope ready for the coupon train, filled out book orders, wiped down both bathrooms, and started a load of laundry. I also took out the meat for tomorrow nights dinner so in the morning it will be thawed so I can add the marinade and let it set all day.

Sometimes those little commercial challenges are all I need to get a long list of things done and feel like I am having some fun doing it. I finished my 1st scarf last night for my 2009 Christmas gift box (yes I have started on 2009 Chrismtas already) and started the 2nd one. I am off to bed to finish watching Jeff Dunham and work on my scarf have a great night!


Robin said...

I've tried to do commercial challenges by myself, but my butt always seems glued to the couch. Great idea to involve a friend. You got a lot done. A shower during a commercial break... now that's impressive.

twomoms said...

such a good idea to do stuff during commercials! I read alot during the day so I make a little list and I tell myself, "when this chapter is done I am going to do___" I think the commercial one will work too!

Anonymous said...

I am a single mom to four kids and have just stumbled on to your blog. You seem so down to earth and I can relate to alot of what you write. I wanted you to know that you are a fun read and I enjoy peaking into your life as single mom. God Bless you this week.