Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its the Weekend :)

Last week was a long week. When I don't feel well everything falls behind. That's one of the struggles I face as a single mom, when I am sick, there is not another partner to help with the burden of normal day activities. To help get the kids to activities, throw dinner in the oven or run to the store for ibuprofen when I can't see straight from a headache to drive. BUT we figure out a way to work thru it!

The kids and I spent yesterday getting the house back together. I feel so much better when the house is clean! Then it was off to church. Our Pastor gave an amazing sermon yesterday in light of the current economic crisis. He reminded us that our security is not in money but in our faith in God. He gave us a challenge this week that anytime we are worried about money or start to feel that panic about the economic crisis to say these 8 words "My Security is in God not in Wealth". If you would like to hear more you can listen to it via podcast at Cornwall Church

Last night I needed to get out of the house and do something FUN that did not require me to wipe noses, do laundry, settle a kids squabble. My oldest son had a movie he wanted to watch at home, my youngest daughter was staying at a friends and my youngest son passed out after church. So my oldest daughter and I went to see Bride Wars. FUNNY movie it was great!! I don't get out very often so it was nice to get out and see a movie in the theater and to get to enjoy it with one of my kids!

Today I will do my grocery shopping for the week and get my prep work done for the week/menu etc will post all of that later on today! Tonight is Family Game night at our house going to play Pictureka that my sister and brother in law got us for Christmas I will give a review on that game tomorrow on how well everyone likes it!!

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