Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip 1/11-1/17/09

My budget is $75 for the week. See my inspiration for this challenge at the Grocery Cart Challenge . See my menu plan for the week here Menu Plan . Above is a picture of my grocery shopping trip today minus 2 bags of chips (counted in below but forgotten in the picture). This weeks total spent is $62.14. I was quite a bit under last week. So far for the month my budget has been $150 and I have spent $115.98 so $34.02 under budget. I will watch for possible sales to stock up and fill the pantry with any extra in the budget.
This week I did use $10 of my weekly budget to add to the pantry. Another $10 went to some extra treats for the kids and I (note to self: do not shop with PMS).
This weeks trip to Cost Cutter:

Ice cream $2
4 boxes mac & cheese $2 (for pantry)
2 shoe string french fries $2.30 (1 for this weeks menu the other extra for freezer)
2 green leaf lettuce $1.16
4 budding lunch meat $2
1 bologna $1.50
1 ham lunch meat $3.50
2# block mild cheddar cheese $4.99
1# butter $3.50
1 margarine $1.69
2 ltr root beer $1 (for family game night)
2 gallons milk $5.78
2 bags chips $4
10 cans veggies (beans/peas) $4 (stock up for pantry)
1 head garlic .50
local Sunday paper 1.50
15# flour $7 (will add to pantry stock)
2.35 # bananas $1.38
1 dozen eggs 2.19
1 case Dr Pepper $7.99
1.51 # apples $2.40
Total- $62.14
In review- discovered I was overcharged for the apples (should have been .57 they were on sale) however, I picked up 4 cans of spaghetti sauce for $1 each. They were on sale 10/$10 with coupon. He scanned the coupon and gave me $1 off but did not charge me for the 4 spaghetti sauce. Will mention that next week when I go in (they had brand new registers/system this weekend).
Kids lunches will be - $4 so my total for the week is $66.14


Terri and Bob said...

Nice job! I visit Gayle's a lot. Not such a frugal shopper myself, but I love that all of you are making it work!

Rhonda in OK said...

you are one busy woman!

best wishes to you with your budget